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Why I Tithe Though I Have Debt, Part 2

Why I Tithe Part 2

Heyo. Welcome back. I’m going to just jump right into where I left off from the first part of this series. If you haven’t had a chance to read part 1, go ahead and then join me back here, yes?

I left off talking about how I found all these articles that cautioned me against tithing when I was still trying to get out of debt. I almost listened to them because, well, they made sense.

But even as I was reading them, I just got the feeling that what they were saying was not right. I got the feeling that while it was true that I did not have to tithe to be blessed, that it was not the right thing for me to do.

But I still wasn’t convinced. I wasn’t convinced that I should tithe instead of using that money to help me get out of debt quicker.

So I consulted the Grand Poobah of all resources: The bible.

I prayed on it and asked God to show me what verses I needed to read. I flipped to the topical index, thumbed down to the tithes section, read a couple of the verses that it directed me to read and still felt rather, meh, about it.

You see, these verses weren’t telling me what I wanted to here. I wanted something that would tell me to first pay off my debt and then tithe. The verses that I found were telling me to tithe (Malachi 3:10; Numbers 18:28; Deuteronomy 14:22). I knew that I was supposed to tithe. I was looking for verses that told me when I should tithe.

So I had the idea to go back to the topical index and look for verses under the ‘debt’ topic. Surely this was what was going to tell me that I needed to pay my debt first, right?

The Lord led me to the story of the prophet Elisha helping the poor woman figure out how to pay her debt in 2 Kings 4. If you aren’t familiar with the story (I wasn’t either before reading it) let me do a quick summary. It’s a short chapter but filled with exactly what I needed to hear.

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