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2 Seriously Important Steps For Making Your Goals Happen

2 Seriously Important Steps

2 Seriously Important Steps For Making Your Goals Happen

I’ve said it before, but I love setting goals. And learning how to set them up properly in a way that makes them easy to achieve was a game changer to me. But I also learned that setting them up is only one part of the equation. The other, harder part kicks in later: that is staying focused and taking action.

I’m the type of person that will set a goal, get distracted, and then forget about it. Or, I’ll set a goal and then get bored with it because it takes too long to accomplish.

I get inspired all the time and I come up with these great ideas and I make plans to set out to do them and then I lose focus. I never take my goals out for a good spin; I get in the car but don’t drive.


Remember, we learned that a good goal is 1) Big & Detailed 2) Measurable 3) Broken down into mini-goals or action steps.

So, now that we’ve set our goals up that way, what do we do next? How do we keep our goals from joining all the other goals we’ve filed away into our cranial junk drawers?

Here are the two final steps we need to make our goals happen:

1. Constantly Remind Yourself of Your Goals & Stay FOCUSED.

So once you have set your goals and your mini-goals, you have to keep your mind right and stay focused on these goals. This is where I used to fall short in the past but I have since learned how important it is to constantly remind myself of my goals. These reminders are what will help keep you motivated. Review your goals at least once daily. I like to think about mine twice a day; once right when I wake up in the morning, and again at bedtime. Here are some techniques that I use when reviewing my goals:

a. Using the voice memo app on my phone, I record myself reciting my goals, using present tense as if I have already accomplished the goal. So for instance, let’s say my goal is to wake up every morning at 5am and run 3 miles. Instead of saying that I will wake up and run 3 miles every morning at 5, I say something like:

“I love waking up at 5am for my morning run. My body feels so energized and my mind is so clear. After I do my 3 mile run, I am ready to take on the day!”

When you do this, make sure to use words that get you to FEEL the excitement that comes with accomplishing your goal. When I listen to my recording, I allow my body to feel that achievement, feel that energy, feel my body being refreshed and my mind feeling clear. I feel myself being happy and eager to start the day and I smile. Literally.

b. I like to write down each goal on an index card and carry it around with me. This is especially useful when I get anxiety over not having accomplished that goal yet. I just pull these suckers out my purse, read each one, close my eyes, and see myself accomplishing the goal.

Just like how I record my goals in the present tense and use “feeler” words to help me feel what I would feel when I accomplish them, I do the same with the index card. Only difference is, I write it and read it instead of listen to it.

If you don’t want to be responsible for hoarding index cards around  for the rest of your life, you can make your goals in digital format on Evernote or your iphone’s NOTES app. And, if you think you may forget to look at your notes, you can screenshot or take a picture of your goals and save it to your phone’s wallpaper or your computer’s wallpaper or your tablet’s wallpaper. Or you can set up a daily alert to remind yourself to look at your goals.

Do whatever it takes to get your eyeballs on your goals. By any means necessary.

2. Take Action.

You know I couldn’t write this post without at least one scripture bomb so BOOM, check this out. At its very core, this is James 2:20, faith without works is dead, we talked about this in the mid-year reflections so we know that this means get off your butt and DO something towards your goal. Once you set a goal and have prayed on it, you must take action. This ain’t a step you can skip, okay?

And if you won’t take this advice from me, a mere Christian blogger, how about if it came from my girl (in my head) Bey-Bey? In her song, Formation, Beyonce is basically telling you what she does when she needs to get stuff done. She is giving you, us, the recipe and it only has a few simple steps. You don’t even need to write it down.

Listen, she straight up says:

“I dream it, I work hard, I grind till I own it.”

I dream it (aka I write down BIG, detailed, measurable goals)

I work hard (I break down my big goal into mini-goals/action steps)

I grind (I focus and take action)

till I own it (I get that money boo aka I accomplish my goals.)

Yeaaaaah, see there. I know what I’m talking about.

 I’m joking around but for real, once you have made a measurable goal and written out the mini-goals that you need to accomplish it,  you have to stay focused and you have to take action. You have to keep going even when your results are not coming fast enough.

Accomplishing your goals is going take a lot of focus and a heck of a lot of discipline, but YOU GOT THIS. So just give it a try. Take one baby action step after another.

Keep going.

Keep walking towards your goals.

It won’t be easy, but you’ve heard this before: nothing worth having ever is. And don’t forget this:

God is rooting for you. He is your cheerleader, He is your coach, He is your biggest fan.  When you’ve got Him sitting in your stadium seats, remember that you CAN.NOT.LOSE.

Until next time. Love like Jesus.

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