About Me

About Cefion

I have flaws. Lots of them. But I believe that God has a purpose for my life and I believe that He has a purpose for your life too. I know that sounds corny and cliche and all the big-worded synonyms that go with corny and cliche but I don’t care because it is true. You are here for a reason and this bears repeating: YOU are HERE for a reason.

You see, me and you (and you and me), we are called to do great things. We are going to do great things. God WANTS US TO DO GREAT THINGS! We just have to believe it and put our trust and faith fully in Him.

I’m here to show you that your life has meaning. You were hand picked and selected by God, Himself.

My hope is that you will kick off your shoes, sit on down and get cozy with my posts. As you’ll notice I am not here to judge you or tell you what you shouldn’t do and throw around the sin word like confetti while pointing out all the bad things you did in life and claiming that you will never, ever be who you want to be because you’ve led a life of sin, sin, sin. UGH, I HATE THAT.

I was not put on this earth to condemn you. It is not my job or anyone else’s job, really, to condemn you. I’m here to love you and encourage you and motivate you to love God and be the best version of yourself. I need you to do this so that you can inspire others to love God and be the best version of themselves, thereby setting forth a domino effect. I am here to get you to live the life- I mean really LIVE the life that God has for you. That is my purpose and that is why I am here.

I hope you will stick around so that you can see that I am just like you. I’m a big ol goofball. I love food. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE food. I love music- ALL kinds of music (secular and non-secular) but I have a special place in my heart for music of the 90s and early 2000s. I am a tv junkie. A voracious reader. A dog lover. And wine, can we talk about Jesus turning water into wine because uh…the next time he throws a little shindig, I.AM.THERE. Can I get an amen?!

But for real, those are the good things. Here is what makes me human: I question, I doubt, I have fear(s), sometimes I worry way too much. I get intimidated. Sometimes jealous. Stubborn to a fault. I have told a white lie or three. Kinda competitive. Sometimes, I curse so much during afternoon rush hour that my words would even make Paul cringe (I’m working on it!). See, I’ve got flaws too, but you know what is so amazing about God is that He loves me flaws and all. And the same goes for you. If you are broken and messed up, He loves you and just wants you to love Him back. It is really that simple.

Am I getting preachy? I feel like I’m getting preachy so I will wrap this baby up. I don’t believe in coincidences. I think you ventured over to my blog for a reason, whatever it is that may be. I believe that we are all connected. By helping you, I help myself. I need you and I don’t think we were meant to walk our journey alone. So come with me as I ride this spiritual roller coaster to the GREATNESS of God’s love.

Let’s do dis.