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August 2016 Desktop Calendar

August 2016 Desktop Cal Mockup

August 2016 Desktop Calendar

Wow, is it August already?! This summer is F L Y I N G. How’s summer going for you so far? August is bound to be a busy one for me as my fiancé and I are running around trying to take care of last minute things for the wedding. It’s funny because up until this point everyone has been commenting about how chill I am about the wedding. They’d ask me if I’ve done such and such for it and I’d give a half shrug with a half surfer smile and say “yeah, I’m working on that now, whatevs.” My response was all calm, cool, and collected. Like, yeah, I got this, no worries…

But now?! Nah. Ain’t no calm, cool, and collected going on over here. I am probably this –> <– close to becoming cray-cray bride. For real. I’ve got one heck of a laundry list of things that need to get done for this wedding and it needs to get done like YESTERDAY. Right, the same yesterday that I spent being a chill-bride. So I’m running around trying to get allllll the things done that were supposed to have been done in the 11 months that I spent not doing them. The only reason I’ve been able to maintain my own sanity with this wedding planning stuff, especially now that we’re getting into crunch time, is because I have been following the goal setting steps and the mini-goal setting steps that I wrote about here and here. Yep, the same advice that I gave is is the same that I’m taking myself. I’m taking two doses of ‘git er done’. It works, I’m telling you.

Anyways, this calendar should help me keep my days (and appointments) straight.

Click the pic to download below and tell me, what do you have going on in August? Got any advice to keep me from kung fu chopping fiancé in his bum because he has not yet pick out his or his groomsmen’s attire? He’s still being a chill-groom and I need him to be cray-cray-git-er-done groom.

Until next time. Love like Jesus.

August 2016 Desktop Calendar


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