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Ok so. Let me be honest. I was dealing with an 8 hour crisis yesterday that kept me from drafting and editing the post that was supposed to delivered today. Actually, let me be REALLY honest. The crisis was that I spent 8 hours trying to replicate a hairstyle that I saw on YouTube; got 75% done with the hairstyle when I decided that it didn’t “look right” and then took it out.

Yep. 8 HOURS doing my hair in a specific hairstyle that I ended up taking out. 8 hours, friends.

This wouldn’t have been an issue had I been as disciplined as I was before the wedding. You see, before the wedding, I stuck to a schedule where all of my posts (for the most part) were drafted a month in advance. I put the posts on auto-schedule and away they went, posting on time all the time. Every Monday at 4am, new post coming at ya. That is how it was. Auto-pilot. This was especially great in emergency situations like when I was supposed to spend a couple hours drafting a post but instead spent that on my hair instead. But since the wedding, I have been stinking it up in the discipline area (at least when it comes to blogging).

Ugh. I’m sorry, y’all. I’m trying to get back on track but until then, please forgive me.

Here is a free desktop wallpaper for all of your pain and suffering.

he that began good work

Until next time, may He overwhelm you with His blessings, today.