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Intro: How to Forgive and Be Forgiven

forgive and forgiven

The United States Presidential election is 2 days away! TWO days!! Now, I’m not here to talk politics but I just find it amazing that in two days we, the United States of America, will have a newly elected President.

Whoa. Time is flying, ya know? November already.

As I thought about a theme for this month’s blog post, I thought about thankfulness. You know. Thanksgiving. Being Thankful. Thankfulness. But then I thought, hmm what about writing about forgiveness instead?

You see, forgiveness and thankfulness go hand in hand. Do you remember the theme song to Married with Children? The part that goes, “Love and marriage, love and marriage. Goes together like a horse and carriage…..


That is how I feel about thankfulness and forgiveness. For “this I tell ya brother, you can’t have one without the…other.”

But think about it. If we don’t believe that God has forgiven us for our sins, can we truly be thankful for what Jesus did for us on the cross?

I don’t think so.

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