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19 Tips for Managing Work Stress

Managing Work Stress

19 Tips for Managing Work Stress

For most of us, our jobs constitutes a lot of the stress in our lives. I’ve been lucky enough to not have a super stressful job 24/7. For the most part, I come in, I sit down behind a computer at a pretty sweet office building and make spreadsheets all day er’day. After 8 hours and a 30 min lunch, I leave. It’s a rather ho-hum work life and the most drama the job gets occurs when someone forgets to refill the coffee machine after taking the last cup of joe.

It’s pretty laid back but even still, there are intense time (usually at year end which is like NOW) I face some of the same stressors that many others in the workforce face: hard to meet deadlines, know-it-all coworkers tap dancing on your last nerve, the shove-you-under-the-bus coworker, the indifferent boss, the micro-managing boss, the lackadaisical boss, the incompetent boss, the run-tell-dat gossiper, the canceled happy hours because you have to work (unpaid) overtime hours, the overly critical annual evaluations, the irrational and unobtainable performance standards, the question of whether you will have a job in 3 months, the expected promotion that didn’t happen, the unreasonable workload, the how am I going to pay my bills on this salary and so on…


Suffice it to say, besides money (or lack thereof), work stress is our second biggest stressor. Add long commutes and traffic on top of a bad day at the office, it’s no wonder we come home irritated and at each other’s throats all the time.

In my last post, we talked about what stress is, how to identify the stress symptoms, and some ways that we can manage stress in our every day lives. But I want to zoom in and specifically talk about how to manage work stress.

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