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Don’t Give Up on Your Goals

Don't Give Up on Your Goals

Don’t Give Up on Your Goals

For the month of July and into August, I have been focused very heavily on setting good goals, writing the smaller action steps or mini-goals to get that BIG goal, and showing you how to comeback from a setback aka a sucker punch. So I thought that I’d wrap this up with a good pep talk, reminding you to never give up on your goals.

You see, when you set your goals the “I-can’ts” will come out of lurkdom. The “I-cant’s” are reasons that pop into your head telling you why you can’t achieve the goal: “I can’t get up an hour earlier because….” or “I can’t apply to this job because….”

Ignore them. Don’t let them infiltrate your mind and sabotage you goals.

If you have time to contemplate all the reasons why you can’t do something then you have time to put action towards the goals that you can.

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