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How to Reflect and Make Mid-Year Resolutions

Reflect and Make Mid-Year Resolutions

How to Reflect and Make Mid-Year Resolutions

So here we are well into the heat of summer and also midway done with the year (WHAT!). It is July, y’all. JULY! Oh Baby! Oh and by the way, have you had a chance to get your July 2016 desktop calendar yet? If not, you can snag it right here! It’s free.99 and I’m not even asking for your email address to get it. Anyways, because we are are halfway done with 2016, I thought, how about in between bites of hot dogs and baked beans and corn on the cob, we take some time to reflect on our year so far, revisit our goals, and make new mid-year resolutions?

You know how right before the beginning of the year, we’re all pumped to start the new year and we create all these fantastic goals for ourselves that we plan on accomplishing in the upcoming year?January starts and we’re working hard, crushing goals, chasing dreams, losing that weight, getting in shape, eating better, going to church every Sunday, praying more, volunteering, climbing out of debt, spending time with the fam. And then February comes…

And it’s resolutions, what resolutions?

And then before we know it, it’s December again.

I’m no stranger to this cycle either. Story of my life! What usually happens for me is that I wait until some time around November or early December to realize that I did not get nearly as much of the stuff that I set out to do in the beginning of the year and then I kick myself for not hustling harder. And then I break my neck trying to squeeze in one more goal before December 31 so I can feel like I’ve accomplished something during the year. And, oh yeah, I do this during the middle of holiday season because what better way to spend the holidays with your love ones than telling them that you actually can’t spend time with them because you are too busy doing trying to do everything that you were supposed to do earlier this year.

But the thing about that is not only do I create unnecessary stress for myself during holiday season and I don’t get to dedicate as much quality time to my family as I would like, I also don’t take the time to stop and give thanks to God for all of the things that I DID accomplish during the year.

Wallowing in everything that did not happen this year and running around like a mad man to make them happen in the final days of the year is a dangerous trap that I am just not going to fall in any more.

Does this sound like you too? Let’s fix this.

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