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God’s Timing & the Bride of Cana

gods timing and the bride of cana

God’s Timing and the Bride of Cana

In my last post, we discussed the bride of Cana story in John 2. If you hadn’t read it, check it out and also read it for yourself in the bible. This short chapter is packed with some really great takeaways reminding us of how superior God’s timing is over ours. So without further ado, let’s talk about 4 great reminders from the Bride of Cana story in John 2.

1.The best wine hasn’t been served yet.

When Jesus intercedes in your life or your stressful situations and when the wine has run out, and the good times are over, you can trust that this is when the Lord will serve you with the best wine. Likewise, when it feels like you’ve reached your peak and that life can’t get better than it is now, you can also know that Jesus has not yet served the best wine. You’ve heard the saying: “the best is yet to come.” Well, John 2 told us that first. The best [wine] is yet to come. If not in this life, then most definitely in the eternal one. Just wait for it. He’s uncorking the wine, getting the glasses and about to pour out His blessings to you (Malachi 3:10).

2. God is at work behind the scenes.

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