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December 2016 Desktop Calendar and a Quick Update


Brrrrrr. Its cold in here. It must be winter in the atmosphere.

I said BRRRRRR. It’s cold in here. It must be winter in the atmosphere.

I said…….BRRRRRRR.

Where I live, the suburbs of Washington DC, winter is blowing it’s frigid, stinky breath all around and chilling everyone down to their cores. I’m not sure how the weather is in your neck of the woods, but here, winter is pimp slappin us.

I’m exaggerating. But just a little bit.

Anyways, it’s cold. Did I say that already?

Let’s move on.

Hubby and I just got back from our 11 day honeymoon, island hopping around the Caribbean and while I fully intended to post two blog posts whilst hanging out on the beach, that just didn’t happen.

I couldn’t get my mind right. Maybe it had something to do with my husband telling me that I needed to relax and to “have no worries, mon” *Jamaican accent included*. I think the real reason, though, was that I could not quiet my mind enough to allow the holy spirit to speak to me. Whenever I create a blog post I like to be sure that it isn’t just me writing to you. I like for the holy spirit to move through me, inspire me, and direct my words.

I prayed for guidance and for the right verses. You see, when I write these blog posts, sometimes I have no clue where to start or what to speak on so I pray to the Lord to lead me to some subjects and verses. And He always guides me. But for the particular series on Forgiveness that I wanted to do, I wasn’t focused and I could not hear His direction. My mind wasn’t in the right place to receive what He had for me.

I tried. I really did. During the first full day of our honeymoon, I sat down on our hotel’s balcony in Puerto Rico and began drafting a post. I got maybe 500 words in and just did not feel that anointing. My inspiration to write about forgiveness had left.

I’m sure it will come back. But until then, we’ll change gears. So let’s just leave that at a To Be Continued type thing.

For December, I feel compelled to talk about giving. I know, I know. Every church and their mother is talking about giving this month. But I’d like to touch on this because it is something that is going on with my life and something that I am struggling with. And in the process of trying to figure out how to be giving without being expecting, the Lord showed me something that I thought I could share with you too.

And I will. Pinky promise. See ya next week and until then, may He overwhelm you with His blessing today. And don’t forget to download the December 2016 Desktop Calendar.


PS: I love this song!

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