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Don’t Give Up on Your Goals

Don't Give Up on Your Goals

Don’t Give Up on Your Goals

For the month of July and into August, I have been focused very heavily on setting good goals, writing the smaller action steps or mini-goals to get that BIG goal, and showing you how to comeback from a setback aka a sucker punch. So I thought that I’d wrap this up with a good pep talk, reminding you to never give up on your goals.

You see, when you set your goals the “I-can’ts” will come out of lurkdom. The “I-cant’s” are reasons that pop into your head telling you why you can’t achieve the goal: “I can’t get up an hour earlier because….” or “I can’t apply to this job because….”

Ignore them. Don’t let them infiltrate your mind and sabotage you goals.

If you have time to contemplate all the reasons why you can’t do something then you have time to put action towards the goals that you can.

Instead of convincing yourself of all the reasons why you can’t accomplish your goal, put action towards the mini-goal that you set. DO what you can do.

The “I-can’ts” like to tell you all the reasons why you won’t be able to achieve your goals and why you shouldn’t even try. Don’t be fooled. The “I-can’ts” are actually fear in disguise.

And remember our discussion on fear being a feeling that we give a thought? Fear is always going to be there, whispering sweet nothings in your ear that will keep you from doing what you really want to do. Learn how to acknowledge fear but do not let it keep you from going forward.

Don’t forget about the sucker punches, either. These are challenges (punches) that come to you when you aren’t looking and you aren’t ready for them. You can think of them as obstacles or events that are thrown your way in effort to trip you up and keep you from accomplishing your goal.

A good example of this is, say your goal is to start a Vietnamese-Soul food truck called Soul Pho Realz (LOL! I don’t know why these things pop into my mind yall, but roll with it). Anyways, you are crushing your mini-goals, you bought the truck, got it painted, got your recipes perfected when BOOM. The county all of a sudden changed their mind and now they won’t approve the permit that was supposed to allow you to park in that sweet spot in front of the corporate building where lunch hour is on and popping.

What just happened?

You just got sucker punched.

Don’t let the “I-can’ts” or the sucker punches knock you out. Don’t let them keep you from achieving your goals. Think of them more as bottlenecks because that is all they are. It’s like you’re cruising along on the highway thinking that you are going to get to your destination in good time when all of a sudden, traffic hits and you slow down, almost to a halt. You’re still moving along but very slowly now. You can see up ahead that the left lane is closed so people have to merge, creating what is called a bottleneck. There is no need to worry about the bottlenecks because you’re going to get through it and you’re going to get to your destination. It may just take a little longer than you originally intended to.

That’s all the “I-can’ts” and the sucker punches will do- take you a little longer to get to your goal, but don’t give in to them.

But enough of these analogies and nicknames; I’m starting to confuse myself. The bottom line is this: If you get the thoughts of fear, doubt, failure, etc., it is because you are doing something right. The devil, the enemy, satan, whatever you refer to this negative opposition as (I personally call it the enemy) hates to see you winning. It hates to see you achieving your dreams, crushing your goals, and it wants you to stop NOW. Don’t give in. You have God on your side and the word says that if He is for you WHO shall be against you (Romans 8:31)? Listen, you have heard it before and I am going say it again and again and again until you feel it in your bones and it jolts you with excitement:

We CAN do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us. ALL things (Philippians 4:13). The bible does not teach that we can do some things but can’t do others. It says ALL things.

That means that anything, any goal that you prayerfully put your mind to accomplishing, do the WORK while fully trusting that God will make it happen, it will happen. Our God is a mighty God and He taught us to make MIGHTY goals.

Put your mind on all that you can do, get out there and do the work and watch Him work.

Until next time, love like Jesus

Image by Jordan Whitfield via Unsplash

Graphics and Content by Cefion

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