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God’s Timing & the Bride of Cana

gods timing and the bride of cana

God’s Timing and the Bride of Cana

In my last post, we discussed the bride of Cana story in John 2. If you hadn’t read it, check it out and also read it for yourself in the bible. This short chapter is packed with some really great takeaways reminding us of how superior God’s timing is over ours. So without further ado, let’s talk about 4 great reminders from the Bride of Cana story in John 2.

1.The best wine hasn’t been served yet.

When Jesus intercedes in your life or your stressful situations and when the wine has run out, and the good times are over, you can trust that this is when the Lord will serve you with the best wine. Likewise, when it feels like you’ve reached your peak and that life can’t get better than it is now, you can also know that Jesus has not yet served the best wine. You’ve heard the saying: “the best is yet to come.” Well, John 2 told us that first. The best [wine] is yet to come. If not in this life, then most definitely in the eternal one. Just wait for it. He’s uncorking the wine, getting the glasses and about to pour out His blessings to you (Malachi 3:10).

2. God is at work behind the scenes.

The bride didn’t know that the wine had run out. The MC and the guests didn’t know either. God is always at work behind the scenes, putting the right thoughts and ideas into your head, the right people in front of you, the right job and circumstances. God is fixing problems before they even happen. He is clearing out the smoke before you even know there’s a fire. He is bringing out the good wine when you before you even know that the wine glass is empty.

3. God cares about what you think are “petty” problems.

We can go to Him abut anything, not just the problems that we think are BIG. There was a time when I thought the I was only supposed to pray when I had something big going on in my life: a health issue, death in the family, money problems. God showed me that I could come to Him with anything, because honestly, ALL problems are small to God.

It took me a while to get used to praying to Him about what I thought were petty, insignificant issues, especially the ones that I felt I should be able to take care of on my own. But He cares about it all. He wants me to come to Him with anything. Our father wants that relationship with us. He doesn’t just hear our problems, swat them away like they’re a fly while saying “Girl bye. These problems are not worthy of my time. Figure it out yourself.”

He wants to know our problems and He wants to give us a solution but He can’t do that if we don’t come to Him with ALL our problems. He can’t do that if we bite our tongue and tell ourselves that our itty bitty problems are not worthy of His attention. Remember, you can’t do it all yourself and even if you can, you can’t do it as good as He can so how about letting Him in before you get started?

Somebody say Amen.

We have got to keep God in.

4. God can accelerate the issue.

I heard Joel Osteen say this one and found it to be spot on. Think about it: good wine takes a long time to become good, #knowwhatimean? If you really want good wine, you have to be patient while it ages. It takes time. But not at God’s winery. With the flick of His finger, God served the good wine. It didn’t take years and He didn’t need to wait for the wine to age.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you don’t have to worry about tomorrow’s troubles (Matthew 6:34). God will put together the right people, places, things at the right time. And like everything that He does, it will be perfect (Ecclesiastes 3:11). Your job is to believe that. Believe that His timing is better than your timing. Believe that He can see circumstances and situations beyond what you can see and that He is clearing a path for you to receive everything that He has for you with no strings attached.

I know it’s hard to keep praying when you feel like God isn’t hearing you or answering you fast enough or answering you at all. It’s hard to keep praying when you see someone else getting what you’ve been praying for. It’s hard, I know. But you have to keep believing that what IS for YOU will be for YOU and no man or situation can take that away from you. What God has for you is FOR YOU but you have to do one simple but not at all easy thing to do and that is to BELIEVE.

Keep on believing. Keep on keeping on believing. I promise you that when it is YOUR time, He will deliver and deliver it fast. I’m talkin’ faster than Jimmy Johns and you know they’re fast. When it is your time, what He gives you will be bigger and better than anything you could have every imagined.

Trust in Him and trust in His timing. His timing > Yours. Always.

Until next time, may He overwhelm you with His blessings, today. Have a good week.

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