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July 2016 Desktop Calendar

July 2016 Desktop Calendar

Get Your July 2016 Desktop Calendar!

July is here! Whoop, whoop! Flowers in full bloom, beach trips, lucky lady bugs, firefly (I’m talking about the bug not the drank, but I guess that would work too), sunscreen, cookouts, sparklers, sunshine (hopefully. As I write this post it is raining cats and dogs here), water parks, butta’flies, juicy watermelons, and the sweet smell of bug spray. Is it me, or does the entire human vibe change when summer comes? It’s like, flip a switch to July and everybody is happy and full of life. People smile, wave, stop to chat. Maybe it’s because summer brings on infinite possibilities. Oh, and not to mention the days are longer allowing for way more time to do all the things that you procrastinated doing earlier in the day. I love it. There is just so much to do and the days fly by- keep up with my July desktop calendar. It’s free, yo.

Click the pic below, save to your desktop, set as desktop background, and let me know in the comments what you’re doing this July!

*Clicking the picture will start the free download*

July 2016 Desktop Calendar


Mockup by Best Pixels

July 2016 Desktop Calendar and Content by Cefion

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