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How to Reflect and Make Mid-Year Resolutions

Reflect and Make Mid-Year Resolutions

How to Reflect and Make Mid-Year Resolutions

So here we are well into the heat of summer and also midway done with the year (WHAT!). It is July, y’all. JULY! Oh Baby! Oh and by the way, have you had a chance to get your July 2016 desktop calendar yet? If not, you can snag it right here! It’s free.99 and I’m not even asking for your email address to get it. Anyways, because we are are halfway done with 2016, I thought, how about in between bites of hot dogs and baked beans and corn on the cob, we take some time to reflect on our year so far, revisit our goals, and make new mid-year resolutions?

You know how right before the beginning of the year, we’re all pumped to start the new year and we create all these fantastic goals for ourselves that we plan on accomplishing in the upcoming year?January starts and we’re working hard, crushing goals, chasing dreams, losing that weight, getting in shape, eating better, going to church every Sunday, praying more, volunteering, climbing out of debt, spending time with the fam. And then February comes…

And it’s resolutions, what resolutions?

And then before we know it, it’s December again.

I’m no stranger to this cycle either. Story of my life! What usually happens for me is that I wait until some time around November or early December to realize that I did not get nearly as much of the stuff that I set out to do in the beginning of the year and then I kick myself for not hustling harder. And then I break my neck trying to squeeze in one more goal before December 31 so I can feel like I’ve accomplished something during the year. And, oh yeah, I do this during the middle of holiday season because what better way to spend the holidays with your love ones than telling them that you actually can’t spend time with them because you are too busy doing trying to do everything that you were supposed to do earlier this year.

But the thing about that is not only do I create unnecessary stress for myself during holiday season and I don’t get to dedicate as much quality time to my family as I would like, I also don’t take the time to stop and give thanks to God for all of the things that I DID accomplish during the year.

Wallowing in everything that did not happen this year and running around like a mad man to make them happen in the final days of the year is a dangerous trap that I am just not going to fall in any more.

Does this sound like you too? Let’s fix this.

Let’s make a habit of pausing periodically throughout the year to stop and reflect, and since it is the middle of the year, what better time to start doing this than now?

Let’s stop right now to reflect:

1.Reflect on all that God has done for you this year

What has God given you or done for you so far this year that you did NOT plan on doing, getting, or receiving? What did you get that you didn’t expect to get?

Did you receive a bonus or get a promotion at your job when you weren’t even planning on getting one? 

Did the person in front of you pay for your meal at Chick-fil-a?

Did you unexpectedly make friends with someone you didn’t know while at the gym, at Starbucks, at a dog park, taking a walk?

Did someone give you a hug when you really needed it?

Did you find 10 bucks in your pants pocket while doing the laundry?

Did you get engaged?

Did someone compliment you on a day when you didn’t feel too pretty?

I bet if we think really hard about this, we can find at least one unexpected goodie that God has done for us this year, big or small. So often we go through life focused on what we don’t have or what we couldn’t do, that we don’t stop to think about the great things that God has given us that we did not even ask for. We don’t take the time to think about and fully appreciate all the things that we HAVE done. And because of that, we don’t take the time to thank Him for it. Why? Because we can’t seem to see past all the other list of things that we’ve asked for but have not received. Let’s do better. Let’s take some time to really think about and appreciate all that God has done for us.

So I ask you, what unexpected goodies has God given you this year?

If you really can’t remember or think of anything then how about you take some time right now to list out all the things that you are grateful for right now, in this very moment.

Is it hot as hades outside and you are reading this blog from the comfort of your couch, conveniently located under the A/C vent?

Did your roommates leave for the weekend allowing you to enjoy 2 full days in a peaceful apartment?

Did you JUST get invited to a cookout after thinking about how you ain’t trying to cook today AND on top being invited, you just found out that they’re barbecuing ribs too?!

There has got to be something going on in your life right now that you can be thankful for, even if it is being thankful that you are able to sit on your behind and get up on your own. We don’t think that God is behind such trivial things but He is. He is in every detail of your life and it is our job to be grateful for everything that He has given us, done for us, gotten us through, or helped us to avoid. So let’s get in the habit of reflecting and thanking Him for everything- big and small.

2. Reflect on all the goals that you set and accomplished

This one is easier to do because we know what goals we set at the beginning of the year and we know whether or not we’ve achieved them. We can look at our goals and place a checkmark next to the ones that we’ve done and a not-checkmark next to the ones that we still have to do. Easy.

This one is slightly different than the first point in that instead of reflecting on all the unplanned things that God has done for us, we now reflect on all the goals that we intentionally and prayerfully set up and accomplished. This is us reflecting on the goals that we asked and believed God for and God delivered on. But to piggyback off of the point above, we have such a GO GO GO mindset that we don’t really take the time to truly be thankful that we’ve accomplished one goal before flying off to finish the next. Let’s take some time to review the goals that we set and look at how God put people, circumstances, and energy into us so that we were able to achieve them.

Think about your list of goals. What did you set out to do this year and what goals were you able to accomplish because of the favor of God?

3.Reflect on the goals and desires you still want to achieve and go do it…NOW

Because we still have an entire half of the year left to accomplish the resolutions that we set back in January, how about we revisit those that we have not yet achieved? What is it that you want to do, but for whatever reason, let the ball drop or forgot about? Where do you still want to travel to? How much weight do you still want to lose? How many more pages of that book do you have to write? Are there any new resolutions that you would like to make?

Make new resolutions if you want; it’s never to late to start. Revisit the ones you have already set, re-evaluate them (do you still want to accomplish them? Do you want to tweak them a bit? Are you going for a different path altogether?), and go for it! Don’t wait until November or December to try to cram in that one goal before the year ends. Don’t wait around and push it off and say you’ll just do it next year. Start NOW.

Listen to me, if you wanted to do it next year, you wouldn’t have planned on doing it this year. So don’t kid yourself into believing that you will just do it next year because next year is going to come and you are going to be still sitting right there telling yourself that you’ll just do it next year- whatever “it” is.

Remember, James 2:20 says, faith without works is dead. All this means is that once you put your mind into doing something, believe that God will help you accomplish it, and get your hot cross buns up and go do it!

You still have plenty of time left so go out there, so put forth your best effort and as my dad says to shut me up and get me to stop complaining to him about having to do something:

“git er done!”

Until next time, love like Jesus.


Image by Drew Coffman via Unsplash

Graphics and Content by Cefion

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